Exterior Restaurant Signage

Custom Designed Restaurant Signs

In today's society, signage has become a very important aspect of how we move through the world. Promoting your restaurant and/or bar is easy when you work with Mosaic Signage. We can create custom signs including wall decals, lettering & graphics, catering vehicle graphics, umbrellas, A-frames, menu & point of purchase (POP) boards and more. Need something unique? No problem. Our expertise and capabilities are vast. Let us create a custom visual communications plan unique to your restaurant or bar.

We pride ourselves in making quality outdoor signs that will exceed our customers' expectations every time!

Types of Outdoor Signs:


What is a Lightbox:

A lightbox sign is made using a frame and a lighting source inside that frame, the most popular these days being LED lights. Whether you're a restaurant, a concert venue or just a neighborhood store, a lightbox can work for your business.

What does a Light Box cost:

Lighted signs may cost $30 or more per square foot while neon-lighted items are typically the most expensive and cost about $200 to $1,200 per square foot.


What are Channel letters


Channel letters are customizable metal or plastic letters commonly used as exterior signage on the outside of storefronts, strip malls, public buildings, and offices, and are often illuminated, although they don’t have to be. Channel letters have helped businesses shape their identity and offer brand awareness and visibility from miles away.

There are hundreds of possible channel letter choice combinations. From varied fonts to materials, styles, sizes, and colors, the experts at Signarama can customize channel letters to fit the style, theme, and brand of your business. There are even illumination options, such as neon or LED, giving you more opportunity to find channel letters that will not only match your business’s style but its needs as well. Channel letters require very little maintenance and are designed to last for years, making them one of the best investments you will make in your business.

What is a Raceway Sign

A raceway is a rectangular sign mounting structure that also serves as an enclosure for both signage electrical components (such as transformers) and wiring. Channel Letter Raceways. Some property owners require raceway channel letter mounting.



Dimensional signs add considerable curb appeal to any business, from storefronts and lawyer offices to office buildings and restaurants. Mosaic Signs creates high-quality dimensional signs of wood or high-density urethane made to your specifications.

Routed/Carved Wood & Urethane Signs


High-quality routed dimensional signs by Mosaic Signs are ideally suited to upscale retail boutiques, fine dining establishments, attorneys’ offices and more. Lend a refined feel to your business with a painted or gilded dimensional sign from Mosaic Signs.

Carefully crafted dimensional signs made of wood or high-density urethane (HDU) are long-lasting and suitable as indoor or outdoor signage. Ranging from simple flat shapes to recessed letters to 3D sculptural signs, dimensional signs are one of the most flexible–and most effective–options for signage.

Dimensional Letters

Mosaic Signs can also fabricate dimensional letters. Dimensional letters are routed individually from your choice of acrylic, aluminum, gator board or PVC.


Magnetic Sign  


Magnetic signs are the perfect solution for many budget-minded vehicle graphics. Typically sold by the pair, Mosaic vehicle magnetics are great for cars, trucks, and vans.  One of the greatest benefits of vehicle magnetics is the simple way you can take them off for storage and then install them quickly and simply when you need the advertising or vehicle marking.

Mosaic has produced vehicle magnetics for hundreds of local businesses and is proud to have literally produced thousands of vehicle magnetics helping our economy continue to grow.


Advantages of Magnetic Signs

Long-lasting (2 to 4 years if taken care of properly

  • Made of durable .030 automotive magnetic sheet

  • Fade-resistant

  • As long as they are maintained properly, they will not damage your vehicle surface!

  • Easy to install & remove

  • Cut vinyl graphics or full-color images

There is a big difference between cars, trucks, and vans when it comes to choosing your magnetic sign size. Our experienced team can help explain everything you need to know!


A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are popular because they are easy to move, & are a very effective form of outdoor advertising. Mosaic produces many types of a-frame sidewalk signs, & our design team has a few tricks when it comes to effective advertising.

With only 2-3 seconds to catch your potential clients, you have to make the design POP. However, you also want to make sure that your message is being communicated clearly. Keeping the design simple will ensure you get your message across. Changing your message often is the key to a good sidewalk sign. Mosaic offers changeable insert solutions so that you can change your messages on the fly!


Monument Signs

Exterior signs are often the first impression your visitors have of your business. Ground signs can take on a variety of shapes & sizes making them a great option to differentiate your business from others nearby. Typically placed near the road, monument ground signs attract the attention of passing motorists.  Additionally, monument signs are on the of the most common resources a customer has to find your business.

Some Common Types of Monument Signage:

• Illuminated Sign Cabinet (or Box Sign) 

• Electronic Message Center LED Signs 

• Non-Lit Post & Panel Ground Signs 

• Sandblasted Entrance Signs 

• Routed Push-Thru Monument Signs 

• Multi-Tenant Monument Signs 

• Aluminum Word Bar Signs 

• Changeable Copy Signs

Our monument signs are produced with the highest quality materials, & every single one of them is proudly manufactured here in CT. 


Post and Panel Sign 

Made to order, post & panel signs designed by Mosaic serve many different purposes for communicating with the public. Often located in front of businesses, post & panel signs can be used to identify a place of business, inform potential buyers of commercial property for sale or even direct traffic.

Post & panel signs are typically meant to be short term, they can be used for real estate signs or construction & development sites. However, post & panel signs can also be manufactured out of durable materials to provide a long-lasting solution as well. The most popular business signs are crafted using sandblasted HDU or extruded aluminum with custom-shaped metal panels.

At Mosaic, we work with you to customize your brand. We can manufacture your sign to include full color cut vinyl lettering, or even dimensional letters. If you are looking to share different messages such as a school event or activity.


Traffic Control & Parking Signs

At Mosaic, we can produce a wide variety of traffic control signs & custom parking signs. We use durable aluminum to ensure the longevity of your parking signs & we offer 2 standard sizes, 12"x18" & 18"x24". We always have the material for these signs in stock so that we can produce them as quickly as three business day.

We only produce municipal grade, professional parking signs that last for over a decade. Our signs do not rust & are weather resistant in the various seasons and conditions. 

Our traffic control signs are produced using the durable aluminum sign material to ensure many years of a trouble-free life for your parking signs. There are two standard sizes for traffic signs, 12x18 and 18x24. Each size has a perfect application, most often determined by the distance it will be read from the vehicles passing by.


Wayfinding Signs

Where are you? Where are you heading to? Every day we use our knowledge & previous experience to navigate our way in society. Wayfinding has the function to inform & navigate us through our surroundings.

An effective wayfinding system consists of a clear & consistent type of design. Here at Mosaic, we specialize in this type of design & organization. We also introduce different types of products when a client needs a solid outdoor wayfinding sign package.

Outdoor directional signs can assist people in finding the correct building or locating which suite they need for their appointment.

By informing your customers where they are going you are improving traffic flow. This would be extremely important in case of an emergency!

Outdoor directional signs are important in directing traffic & control parking while enhancing your brand with a simple yet unique design. Having signage that is ADA compliant, you can improve the accessibility of your business.


Window Graphics


The most common purpose for window graphics is used for store hours. But why stop there?


Window graphics can be printed to fill your window space with custom images, logos & text to create an attention-grabbing storefront! With multiple options available, Mosaic can work with your budget to give you the most coverage. Mosaic has wide format printers that allow us to print standard vinyl graphics or perforated vinyl. We also have a wide selection of premium vinyl such as etched "glass" vinyl to make your storefront stand out.

Perforated vinyl is made with 50% vinyl, 50% holes. The beauty of this material is that when someone looks at your storefront, their eyes absorb the light being reflected off the image. The holes cannot be seen & the graphic looks like a solid image! This type of vinyl provides you with a solution to block out your windows with custom printed images or logos but also gives you the capability to still be able to view outside of the window. Perforated vinyl makes it hard to see inside from the outside.

Etched glass vinyl is a self-adhesive silver film with the appearance of real etched glass. This fine detailed texture is perfect for displaying your logo on interior windows & doors. Etched vinyl can be cut to any shape, text or logo & just about any size!